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Development of custom control systems

We offer development of custom control system for smaller installations. We usually implement control with usage of Fatek, Modicon and Siemens PLCs. For visualization we use HMI panels, Control Web software or custom developed .NET applications.

With Fatek PLCs we have implemented large multi-PLC systems with redundant communications, communications with Siemens, ABB, MERLIN GERIN protections or electrometers.

Some of our past projects and their functions:

  • Acquisition and visualization of electrometers data from whole factory
  • Automatic island mode operation from backup power supplies
  • Load shedding based on quarter hour maximum

SAS2000 control system

Is a centralized control system from Locamation. It is a very reliable real-time control system with 1ms update period. With this system, it is possible to control and supervise parts of electrical grid with great distance between each other. It can provide centralized overview of several substations at once and maintain real-time logical interactions between parts of the controlled electrical grid. All with high reliability and speed. Most installations are in Netherlands and UK on 33kV – 400kV voltage levels.



First installations are from 20 years ago, so the hardware that was used became obsolete. What is often not obsolete is the software and the ideas behind it. With help from Locamation we provide the possibility of upgrade to Mark II version. During this upgrade we replace current hardware with modern versions that are made from new and more standard components. That means that it will be easier to support it for a long time. Usually it’s not even necessary to upgrade the IO hardware and only control units are replaced. Meanwhile the current software and wiring can stay the same so it’s possible to upgrade running installations without shutdowns.

SASensor control system

Is a SAS2000 successor that we offer for new installations. It’s made of a unique system of modular sensors and represents a new look at how modern substations will be made.

The SASensor uses simple no-maintenance voltage/current sensors that are spread throughout the substation. Actual values are transmitted with optical link to the central units. Here are the values calculated into engineering units (three phase U, I, P, Q, S) and protection functions are evaluated.

 Main advantages of this system are:

  • 35 % less time spend with configuration
  • 30 % higher availability than other solutions
  • Money saved as less devices and 80% less wiring are used
  • New functions are made as software upgrades
  • Easier cybersecurity as there is only one point of entry


SASensor is a base for CPC (Centralised Protection & Control) installations which provide a solution for smart substation control and effective operation.

More information on Locamation website: SASensor Substation Automation System in detail – Locamation

We focus on development and implementation of control systems, mainly in electro energetics, manufacturing, and IT.

Copyright © 2021, AUROX s.r.o. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021, AUROX s.r.o. All rights reserved.